About us

James and Alex met whilst working at one of the UK’s largest combined architectural and engineering practice, BDP. With a shared passion for collaboration and architectural excellence, Jensen Hunt Design was formed. 


After a divergence of career paths, collecting valuable experience and skills on their respective journeys they combined forces to build a design focused engineering practise delivering innovation and high quality designs that serve their clients and the environment. 


The company has established itself as a leading consultancy offering an unrivalled service.

Our Vision

We want our engineering to make a difference. We want to be problem solvers. We want to be collaborators. We want to inspire. We want to be facilitators to a better environment. 


As engineers we want to reduce our impact on the planet, we want to encourage our clients to do the same. We want to use our abilities through innovation, creativity and sensitivity to challenge and disrupt.


We want to find the balance between economy, function and style. We want to think beyond convention and drive creativity. We want to meet and exceed our clients ambitions. 


We want to be personable, we want every member of our team to build relationships and provide unwavering commitment. We want to achieve. We want to learn and develop, we want to be at the leading edge of positive change. 


We know our vision, join us and find yours.