Mayfair Offices

Grosvenor Square, London

A new head quarters for Candy Capital. This Grade II listed townhouse in Mayfair  commercial building in central London was completely refurbished, extended to the rear and a new roof and plant enclosure added. 


Jensen Hunt fully researched the existing building to mitigate risks during the construction, this helped to eliminate unforeseen issues with the structural elements and helped to maximise efficient structural design which was then confirmed during the construction phase.


The double storey extension to the rear was carefully designed to minimise potential risks related to the party wall process and also to ensure sign off with Grosvenor Estates. 


Architect: Ed Yuen

Heath House

Highgate, London

A recently constructed residential property in Highgate, North London was modified with the addition of an extra storey of lightweight, pre-fabricated construction.


Lightweight timber panels were pre-fabricated off site and lifted into position by mobile crane. Project site time was limited to two days.


Existing structure was checked for the proposed loads with minimal extra structure required. Due to the nature of pre-fabrication and installation the client experienced minimal disruption and could use almost the whole building during installation. 


Architect: Morrow+Lorraine

Battersea Penthouse


A top floor apartment with a timber trussed void roof over, these spaces were combined and the whole space completely refurbished and extended to create a stunning duplex penthouse apartment.


Investigations were undertaken to establish existing load paths and existing victorian steelwork justified for the increased loads for the additional floor being added. Retrospective analysis of existing timber roof trusses was undertaken to minimise new structural elements and maximise the existing structure where possible. 


A light but complex steel steel frame was utilised to maximise the large open spaces and reduce where possible the single structural elements that needed to be lifted into place. 


Architect: BrobyDNA

Contemporary New Build


This new build in Essex brings together great contemporary design to create a fantastic family home which was nominated for the Daily Telegraph's Homebuilding & Renovating Awards.


Jensen Hunt Design were appointed to oversee and design the structural elements of this eco home which achieved level 4 of the 'Code for Sustainable Homes'. The frame is formed from a SIPs (structural insulated panel) system which is both sustainable and quick form of construction.


Architect: RDA Architects

Kensington Penthouses


Two penthouse apartments completely refurbished and both extended into the roof voids. Utilising timber diaphragm floor design and considered modeling of the new timber roof frames we were able to minimise structural zones whilst maintaining acceptable levels of deflection throughout. This approach maximised living space for the client and created incredible apartments.


Access was a challenge with this project and therefore all structural elements were designed as light as possible and limited in length to conform to maximum hoist loads. Early understanding of this together with co-ordination with the contractor meant these issues were minimised once on site and in the construction phase.




Hampton Riverside House


This river side property, a moments walk away from Hampton Court Palace was completely refurbished and extended.


Being so close to the River Thames the ground conditions meant that a mini piled foundation solution was most efficient which also negated risks associated with the party wall process.


The existing property was modelled in 3D to help co-ordinate the varying levels across the site and property. The existing raised collar roof was modified to create an open ceiling to the master bedroom. Where possible the existing structure was strengthened and utilised to minimise costs.


Architect: 3S Architects

Chelsea Townhouse


Located in a prominent Chelsea street this existing four storey townhouse was fully reconfigured and refurbished with a basement extension to create a luxury home.


Internal structural walls were removed to the lower levels to realise a large open plan living space. A four storey open partially cantilevered staircase ensures light throughout the building. Existing brick vaults to the front were enlarged to create additional floor area.


Sensitive party wall issues were a prominent consideration for this project, Jensen Hunt took a central role to resolve and conclude the negotiations with a positive outcome for all. 


Architect: Interiors Plus


Kensington Mews House


A mews property with lots of potential but with difficult access and considerable party wall issues to consider.


The loft space was maximised by lowering the loft plate but by modifying the structural tie of the joists to the roof meant that steel cranked frames were utilised.


The new steels were concealed within the floor and new roof structure to maximise living space, creating a neat architectural considered spaces. Various roof wells also meant a light and open living space.


Regular site visits and meetings were undertaken by Jensen Hunt to ensure a smoothly run project. 


Architect: LYN Atelier

Victorian Pump House


An Old Victorian Pump House, Grade II listed building, built in 1850 beautifully restored and extended for use as studio space for an architectural practise.


Many of the old timber beams supporting the floor and original pump wheels were rotten beyond repair and new flitch plate connections were designed to restore bearings allowing original timbers to be saved. 


Architect: Frankin Ellis