About us

We are a structural and civil engineering practice, established in 2014 and based in London, UK.  Our team of talented engineers leverage extensive experience gained at leading engineering firms including Arup, BDP, Elliott Wood, Heyne Tillett Steel and Ramboll.  We have quickly established a reputation for effective and intelligent engineering, with a focus on projects that demand a high quality of architecture and design.


We are Chartered Engineers and Members of the Institution of Structural Engineers.  


We have extensive experience in a wide range of project sectors including housing, offices, schools, concert halls, museums, health facilities and art installations.  Our portfolio showcases many successful and award-winning projects, from stunning one-off houses to the latest in collaborative workspaces to extraordinary sculptures.


We are experts in structural engineering design and are skilled communicators, using sketching, 2D drawings and 3D models to set down our ideas.  We use the latest industry standard analysis and design software and our paperless office gives us access to all the information we need, wherever we are working.


Our positive energy, enthusiasm and proactive work ethos has helped us to build and maintain strong relationships with architects and clients.  


We understand how our particular skills contribute to an holistic project and we are at our best when we are able to be collaborative.  We pride ourselves on delivering value to our clients, by thoughtful and efficient engineering.  We are problem-solvers.


We only have one earth!  Sustainability is a fundamental driver in all of our projects and we look to promote low-energy, adaptable and long life building, minimising embodied carbon wherever possible.  We work closely with the client and project team to identify appropriate design solutions and use the latest industry carbon calculator tools to evaluate options and help the team make sustainable choices.